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Peppermint's 2014 ExperienceEdit

Wow.. Oh wow, where do I begin?

This was an... Interesting year, to say the least, but it had more downs than ups, well, at least for me.


I can't remember much, but I remember wishing that it would snow. It never did. I was so upset, but other than that, I think it was a relatively good month.

We're just gonna skip to October, since I can't remember most of the year.


This is where it started going downhill. I remember wanting to cut and I thought about suicide. I became a bit depressed and I was cyber-bullied. But even this wasn't the worst month.


This is where I started going completely crazy. I kept my depression a secret and I had nobody to vent to. I was cyber-bullied ALOT. This is when I was told to kill myself, and that I was stupid.. I started thinking those things were true. I couldn't even think straight on my birthday.


This is the month where I discovered a band called He is We. They are my favorite band now, and I'm thankful for that. I finally had enough and broke down in front of my sister. I still hid my feelings after that, but she told me it would be alright.. I got cyber-bullied more than ever on this month.

So uh, that's my year, I honestly can't remember most of it.. I have terrible memory. But uh, if you think I'm attention-seeking, then I'm not. I'm really not. I'm hoping this year will be better.

Now, tell us about your years...

Rawr's 2014 ExperienceEdit

Wowz.. 2014.. where did you go? This year (or rather last year) has went by in a flash.. Noww.. where do I start..

January Edit

Back then, I was that little Rawr from 2012 (yes, I know, 2012. But that was when I became more internetty) who spent her life on YouTube with her sucky computer. So did the 9/10-year-old Rawr from 2013. I thought I knew every inch of the internet, But I hadn't even discovered the half of it..

The rest of the year until around August was the same as this, so Imma skip ahead

August Edit

Ah... Moshi.. you enter in here. Back in the Fizz era, I was a huuuuuge noob. And I mean huuuuuuuuuge.

and i'll say the rest later