Digital Star




Digital Star is a green cat with red eyes and green fur. She has star markings on her right eye, her body, and her right front paw. The star markings are lime green.


Digital Star is intelligent and calm. She is rather serious, but she has a fun side. She will do anything to help her friends.


Digital Star has a weird.. Black barrier thingy. It appears in front of her face when she wants it to, and it has a bunch of green beams on it. On the right side, it has a large green star. It is unknown what it means, as Digital Star has never moved the beam that connects to the star. Digital Star can do things by putting the beams in certain positions, removing them, or just putting them in a different place. The barrier can be seen below.



They get along well. Sparky likes to cheer Digital Star up when she's down, and Digital Star likes helping Sparky out with her powers, usually granting some wishes. (Yes, her barrier can do that)

Golden Feather and EclipseEdit

Digital Star is the best of friends with Golden Feather and Eclipse. They are commonly referred to as the 'Magic Trio'


They're good friends, however, Priscilla's cheerful and hyperactive personality slightly annoys Digital Star.


They get along quite well. They talk alot, and Digital Star always listens to Marion. She helps Marion with her problems with the Toys.

The Toys (Toy, Doll and Mangle)Edit

She DISLIKES the Toys. Digital Star thinks hate is a strong word. So she just dislikes them.


  • Digital Star, Golden Feather and Eclipse were created at the same time in the forum 'Presents on your Doorstep - Charrie Chat' made by 4thewin4thelose on OMC. The three charries went on to become official main characters for the player 4thewin4thelose.
  • In the original design of Digital Star, her eyes were green as well. However, of course, this was scrapped.
  • Her barrier originally didn't have a star on the right side of it. However, this was changed.
  • She wasn't meant to be super intelligent, she was just meant to know all about her powers and all the things she could do. However, you all know how that ended..
  • Digital Star has not been seen interacting with any other charries since 'Presents on your Doorstep - Charrie Chat'


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