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Lunos is seventeen, male, and straight. He has a brother named Solus, who is his opposite. He has no love interest/crush, and his theme song is Set Fire to the Rain by Adele. Lunos has two powers, Umbrekinesis (Control and manipulation of shadows), and Asterokinesis (Cosmic manipulation), and he can sometimes be seen holding a book with strange runes written in it.

Appearance Edit

Looks Edit


Lunos is slightly shorter than his brother, standing at 176 centimetres.  He has a more nimble build, and is average weight, but looks quite skinny. His eyes are more rounded than his brother's, and are darkish orange/amber. His hair is in the same messed up fashion as his brothers, and a shade of navy blue that is so dark, it's almost black He has a rounded face, and his lips are almost identical to his brother's, except his are a darker shade of pink. He has two scratch scars on the left of his face, running almost the whole length of it.

Casual Clothing Edit

Lunos wears a black zip-up biker jacket that covers a blue-grey t-shirt. He has green combat trousers that are a little worn, and goggles/glasses that have yellow lenses, and are styled like sunglasses/biking glasses. Around his neck, he wears a red bandana, and on his feet, the same style of shoes as his brother, although they are navy blue. He can also be seen wearing dark blue leather gloves from time to time

Formal Clothing Edit

He wears a black v-neck sweatshirt, and underneath he wears a blue-grey shirt. He wears the same style of trousers as his brother, beige and corduroy, and instead of his goggles/glasses, he wears a smaller pair on the end of his  nose. He wears the same style of shoes as Solus.

Other Clothing (Swimsuits, pyjamas, etc.) Edit

Lunos wears blue-grey shorts and a white vest top as pyjamas, and if you ever see him going swimming, he wears plain black swimming trunks.

Personality Edit

Persona Edit

Lunos is very chatty, and easy to make friends with. He loves to laugh, but is easily hurt ((by words)), and can get embarrassed quite easily sometimes. He is also quite caring

Hobbies Edit

He enjoys drawing and writing, often giving the stories to his brother to read. ===