"You just gotta believe!

-Priscilla trying to cheer Marion up

An OC based off of my fairy doll, Priscilla.

The crappy MS Paint image is there and stuff... Yes that's how I draw.
Human Priscilla

My crappy MS Paint drawing of Priscilla


Priscilla has golden blonde hair, with a pink hairband thing. She has bright blue eyes. She wears an orange.. WHAT SHIRT IS IT CALLED JUST LOOK IN THE IMAGE BRUH. ..And a pink skirt with red spots. There's this weird green thing that I can't explain... Yadda yadda yadda.. Her shoes are short boots, and they are lime green. There. BOOM. Done.


Priscilla is bubbly, innocent and happy, nearly always keeping a smile on her face. She dedicates her life to making people smile. Aaaand that's all I can think of for now.



They get along quite well, despite minor personality differences. They are best friends, rarely fighting.


Drain hates Priscilla. Priscilla tries to bring joy while Drain tries to bring hatred and other bad stuff. They are complete opposites, but you know what they say, opposites attract!


Oh man, Pepper LOVES Priscilla. They are the closest you could possibly be. This is mainly because she is based off of my beloved doll named Priscilla.

Digital Star, Eclipse and Golden FeatherEdit

She is friends with all three of them. They love to play with her, and they love hearing her jokes on a day when they're down.


Priscilla always cheers up Marion when she's down. They're friends, but they don't really talk alot.

The Toys (Toy, Doll and Mangle)Edit

She hates the Toys. Normally Priscilla accepts anyone, but she thinks that the Toys are just cruel.