There once was a newbie, go by the name of Jumpingfizzerz123. She was very newb-ish, and used the icons a lot. Once she became a regular non-newb, the memory of her newbishness could not be erased, so she made another account, blue_da_pikachu. This soon became her main, unintentionally, of course, and her name was Thunder, a new name, a new start. No-one remembered poor Fizz, until one day, Fizz's (And Thunder's) best friend Pikachu became worried about Fizz, tearing apart the forums searching for her. Thunder switched to her old account, and comforted her friend. Then came the slip-up. Fizz had commented on a thread in Thunder's colour. Chaotic, a friend of Thunder's, had figured out her secret. She told Pikachu the whole story, with two close friends (Chad and Luna) finding out. Thunder Fizz Friend Person (Yes, that was her nickname for a while), needed a new name. The four Outsiders asked OMC what to pick. Then, one day, Pikachu yelled 'RAWR', so TFFP suggested that be her nickname. A short while after, they announced her secret to OMC, with Rawr as her new nickname. She has since switched accounts, her new one being rawr_tehdino.

I am Thunder. I am Fizz. I am Rawr. And this is my story