Solus Edit

Solus is seventeen, male, and straight. He has a twin brother named Lunos, who is his opposite. Solus has no love interest or crush, and his theme song is Set Fire to the Rain by Adele. He has two powers, Photokinesis (Control and manipulation of light), and Asterokinesis (Cosmic manipulation).

Appearance Edit


Looks Edit

Solus is tall for his age, standing at 189 centimetres. He has a muscular build, but is a little on the skinny side. His eyes are almond shaped, and a dark navy, his hair being dirty blonde and messed up. His face is thin, and his chin is sharp, his pale pink lips being quite thin also. He has an incredibly slight tan, his natural skintone being rather pale. A single scar runs from his forehead to his right cheekbone, going over his eye in the process.

Casual Clothing Edit

Solus wears a black leather jacket, covering a darkish orange t-shirt patterned with flames near the bottom. He wears navy blue jeans, similar in shade to the colour of his eyes, that are ripped at the knees, showing his legs a little. On his feet he wears black running shoes.

Formal Clothing Edit

He wears a red-and-white checked shirt, with turn-ups at the sleeves and collar. His trousers are corduroy and beige, not turning up at the bottom. He wears shiny black shoes on his feet.


Other Clothing (Swimsuits, pajamas, etc.) Edit

He wears orange pyjama pants and a white vest top to sleep, and when he ((occasionally)) goes swimming, he wears trunks of the same design as his tee.

Personality Edit

Persona Edit

Solus is normally very quiet, but if you set him off, his temper is fiery. He can be very mysterious at times, not talking for hours, or even days on end.

Hobbies Edit

Solus enjoys reading, books being a hideaway for him