Another crappy MS paint drawing. She's short with a large head for some reason.

"Let's go hunt chickens!"

-Ocelot Sparky to Keys (Cringey Minecraft Roleplay)

So uh.. Here's Sparky.


She has that short black hair with silver tips, and pale-ish skin. Her eyes are crystal blue, and- You know what? You can see the image. Go nuts. You know her appearance.


Sparky is cheerful, happy-go-lucky and very nice. However she can be a total sarcastic devil at times. Somehow.



They don't get along all too well, but they don't have anything against eachother. They don't talk alot, but they don't hate eachother.


Used to have a crush on him, then he chose another girl. Yaaaaaaaay...


They are great friends, always getting along. Well, almost always...


Her new crush. Nothing else to say, really.


They get along quite well. They have their differences, but they always help eachother when they need help.


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